This is a game I made for a game jam in 3 days since I decided to restart. So, do not be disappointed.

I have lots of experience in web development, I have had a website for 4 years and have been coding since I was in kindergarten. I have never used Phaser before, and this is the first time so yeah! I hope you enjoy it.
(By the way, I am using this repl to show others and to submit to the game jam, so I am not bragging, it's just that I had to state my prior knowledge.)

Story line:

The prime universe is being attacked! A temporal wormhole created by the Borg Collective to gather forces from the 23th to 25th centuries to destroy the Federation. The Klingons, wanting a good fight, joined in instantly, and so did the Romulans. Their first move was Earth, the capital of the Federation. It is your job to protect earth from the Borg Collective. Everyone is counting on you.


Try not to die. If you die, you will be rickrolled. To not die, you must add phaser stations. There are Type IV to Type X phaser stations, and you place them by clicking on the icon on the scrollable panel. Then, you can see that your cursor has changed when you hover over the game field. Yes, I know it is laggy. When I was using it on localhost, it wasn't laggy and I didn't have time to figure out why. Anyway, you click on a square and the phaser tower will place. Then, you can click the same icon again to exit insert mode. Then, to upgrade your phaser stations, you must click on the station when you are not in insert mode, and then you will have opened the info menu where you can upgrade. There are many waves, and they get harder so you HAVE to upgrade.


How do I place a phaser?

On the right there is a light brown menu with a scroll wheel. On that menu, there are icons with the phasers on them. You can click them to go into insert mode and place a phaser by clicking on an empty blue box. To exit insert mode, you must click the same icon you pressed again. You can scroll the menu left and right to get access to better phasers.

How do I upgrade?

When you are not in insert mode, you can click on the phaser you want to upgrade to open up the upgrade menu. I think it's obvious from then on.


This is a game jam game. I can't add actual content after the deadline.

How many waves are there?

There are 33 coded waves and then after that are infinite waves, which just give a random amount of enemies. They are much harder, so PREPARE. They also have a new boss, named T'liss.

If you have any questions, please comment and I will answer. I am in the GMT+08 timezone so please, please be mindful.


Tower Defense Tutorial helped me with created the base logic. It wasn't much, but it really helped me and everything else was by me. Link


Enemy textures come from external sourced because tbh I suck at pixel art. The phasers are mine, though. Link

The code

(Just a tip: Don't die because then. you will be rickrolled.)